Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mogul Mouse

One of the reasons we were excited about our unexpected move to Boise was the potential for skiing.  Kyle grew up skiing in the PNW and I enjoyed learning how to ski while we lived in Seattle.  We were both excited about the prospect of Knox & Isla learning how to ski as little kiddos.  So, when the opportunity arose we signed Knox up for ski lessons.  The official name of the class is 'Mogul Mouse'. He goes for 2 hours every Saturday for the month of January. We drive him up to the ski hill and drop him off at the 'Mouse House', not kidding- how cute is that? He is with an instructor and two other kids for the two hours and then we pick him back up.  So far he is loving it! He's riding the big chair lift and even skied down on his own last week! It's crazy how fast kids learn.

Kyle getting Knox all geared up!

ready to go!
heading to the Mogul Mouse House
Knox is on the left in yellow
Knox is on the right

Go Knox!
learning to walk on the skis
in line for the magic carpet to take him up the hill
riding the magic carpet
little ski guy!
Loved it!!
Isla enjoying the band at the ski hill

Waiting for brother's lessons to be over

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas in Spokane

Knox & Isla are at the perfect age for Christmas to be downright magical.  We started early this year with decorations, baking cookies, an advent ornament tree, christmas movies and christmas lights.  By the time the week of Christmas rolled around Knox & Isla were in a frenzy over baby Jesus' birthday and Santa coming.

We drove to Spokane on Sunday to spend the week with Kyle's family.  The cousins had a blast playing together and getting ready for the big day.  As part of our annual tradition we all went to a Christmas Eve service and then out to dinner.

Knox & Isla ready for Christmas Eve church
at least we're all looking at the camera!
On Christmas day we managed to space all the presents out throughout the day and the kids had fun doing lots of opening and playing with their new toys.  We also made a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was a great day and I tried to really enjoy every moment of it. I know the older they get the less magical it will become.

Knox opening his toy from Santa
Isla trying her best to open her gifts by herself

new princess blanket- she loves anything pink
spiderman blanket- he loves anything superhero
Princess Ariel doll- she loves her some princesses
Nana with all her grandkids
We stayed for a week and then headed back to Boise. The trip home was a little dicey with a lot of snow over 'Deadman Pass'. The name itself made me nervous but we made it home safe and sound! 


Friday, December 19, 2014

random photo mash

Here are some photos of what we've been up to the last month or so: 

Meeting Prancer the reindeer
Isla's new slippers
Nice heels Knox!
Sitting with Santa- Isla said no thanks to that!
bday boy at preschool
decorating the tree
knox's lego creations
breakfast in the nude
Christmas tree in the bus
Knox's ninja turtle drawing

learning about baby Jesus 
practicing my toddler hair styles
hugs at the grocery store
eating popcorn in the bus
wrestling with Mercedes

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanksgiving in Virginia

As our usual family tradition, the kids & I headed off to Virginia for some pre-Thanksgiving family time and Kyle met us after he finished working the week of Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous about the flight (I always am) but it was really good. This was Isla's first trip with her own seat and it made a huge difference!  They both watched videos most of the flights and didn't cause too much disruption.  All in all it was a good trip there!

you may not buckle me in mom!

Knox was excited to see Mana & Grandpa!

a little plane reading
We arrived on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so we had lots of time to hang out with everyone before the big day.  I got to go to brunch with my two sister-in-laws.  Valerie is quite the food expert, so it's always fun to go out with her and I of course always love being out to each without any children- that goes without saying!
Sarah, Me & Valerie @ Stella's for brunch
One of the hardest things about leaving Texas (after saying goodbye to all of our amazing friends) was leaving the TexMex and more specifically Chuy's. However, God has shown his light down upon Richmond and Chuy's has opened two locations in Richmond. So, of course we had to go! Twice actually and it did not disappoint!

We really had a great trip just hanging out at my parent's house and spending lots of time with family.  It was relaxing and just fun to be with them since we don't see them that often.  The kids had a blast hanging out with their aunts and uncles too!
Isla & Moses
We also got to spend some time with my Grandmother and that was so fun to be able to take them to her house and spend time with her. They loved going over there and she had fun things for them to do each time they came!
Knox working on his legos
Isla drawing at Grandma Charlotte's
My brother & sister-in-law are the best at giving thoughtful gifts. And true to form they got Knox & Isla some amazing slippers (pictures coming on another blog post) and I mentioned that Isla hates being cold so they got her some long underwear too!
Isla modeling her new long underwear!
getting icecream with Mana
On Thanksgiving day we did our annual Turkey Trot. The county that I went to high school in has an annual alumni 5k, so it's fun to go out and see people that I used to go to school with and my old cross-country coach. This year was the first time that Knox got to participate in the kid run, so cute!

Pre-Turkey trot family pic
Knox eating his "race" cookie, he even got a medal! (he did come in last though, FYI)
wrestling with Uncle Justin
For the past 12 years, we have been in Virginia to celebrate Kyle's birthday.  This year was the big 35 and my mom, Knox & Isla made him a VW bus cake to celebrate. 

um, you're a little too big I think Isla...
After 10 days, it was time to head back to Idaho.  Thankfully, Kyle was on our flights back so it was much more relaxing than the trip out for me.  We flew late and didn't get home to Boise till almost 1 am. It was a long trip but we made it back without any issues!

everyone asleep on the plane
We've been busy enjoying being home and doing "christmasy" stuff with the kids. I can't believe it's only 10 days till Christmas!